* Compulsory Parts

Certificate of attendance, congress bag (which contains abstract booklet, notebook, and pen), lunch, opening cocktail, and after party are included in registration fee. Please indicate whether you need simultaneous translation.

If you want to come with more than 15 students, you can registered as “Group”. For group registrations, you have to contact with e-mail. For group participation, the fee is  50 TL, 13 €, 13£ or 15 $. There should be one person who is responsible for the whole group. This person should pay the group fee for all students (not one by one).

Also, the joining of poster presentation fee is 60TL.


When you pay the fee, please indicate “MBG18” and “TC Kimlik No/Passport ID”. We will check all the details about your registration (e.g.registration form, payment) and your fee and will inform you about your registration via e-mail.

How to Register?

  1. First fill the registration form
  2. After that follow the instructions that will be send from ITU MBG mail adress. (